Clinical Director: Josie Sweeney

fit to fight - josieJosie is responsible for overseeing continuing sessions and building community involvement and support for FTF.

Through a volunteer experience that provided her the opportunity to work with participants, Josie decided to become more involved in FTF. Josie looks forward to using her physical therapy education and previous cancer rehabilitation knowledge to assist in spreading the word about FTF and improving participants’ quality of life via fitness, health, and social support.

Josie earned her Phd in physical therapy from the University of Montana in May 2015, and her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2011 from the University of Northern Colorado. She joined the professional staff atAlpine Physical Therapy in June 2015. She had the opportunity to work at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI) in Greely, Colorado, for two years. RMCI’s mission is to assist clients in obtaining a better quality of life through exercise and health. During her tenure at RMCRI, Josie obtained a Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification and trained several clients for a year and a half. She has also been involved with Relay for Life and Tough Enough To Wear Pink – Central Montana.

Please contact Josie with any questions or concerns about the exercise program participation or other related inquiries.

Program Coordinator: Erin Lielkoks

Erin Lielkoks - fit to fight

Erin is currently a second year Physical Therapy student at the University of Montana. Before attending U of M, Erin earned her Bachelors in Exercise Science from Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, CO. After volunteering with Fit to Fight during her first year in the PT program, she is excited to take on the Program Coordinator role and become even more involved with the program.

Originally from Grand Junction, CO, Erin has enjoyed getting to know the Missoula area and enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and cross-country skiing.