About Us


Cancer treatments often leave the body diminished in function, affecting one’s state of mind and quality of life. Medical studies prove that exercise helps minimize the detrimental side-effects of cancer treatment, aiding in the return to a better quality of life. FIT TO FIGHT helps cancer survivors re-establish trust in their bodies and return to daily life as productive members of our community.


  • Provide positive group exercise
  • Provide opportunity for social interaction, support, and exchange with others who are fighting or have fought cancer
  • Involve the community in supporting cancer patients and aiding survivors in their return to a quality of life that is productive and satisfying

OUR MISSION: Empower cancer survivors to improve their quality of life through a program of fitness and health.


  • Andy Larson, Treasurer
  • Terry Carlson, Secretary



  • Travis Dye, Attorney Kalkstein, Johnson & Dye
  • Andy Larson, Vice President Commercial Lending, First Security Bank
  • Jacalyn McCoy, Community Medical Center Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Tessa K. Peressini, CPA, Manager Wipfli LLP
  • Samantha Schmidt, Physical Therapist, Alpine Physical Therapy, Business Owner
  • Ron Veilleux, Owner, MT ErgoFit
  • Terry Carslon, Community Volunteer, retired USFS
  • Teri Health, Peak Health and Wellness