Our Program

FIT TO FIGHT is an exercise based cancer support program that runs three 8-week sessions per year. We meet twice per week during the sessions at PEAK Health and Wellness, 5000 Blue Mountain Road. The small organized group exercise sessions include individual tailoring. Each session consists of stretching, breathing & relaxation, resistive strengthening, and endurance training. Sessions are designed and supervised by a physical therapist.

A physical therapist directly oversees the program and is available to all participants for questions or advice. This program does not replace the important individual skilled physical therapist that many oncology patients may need initially.

Hello Fit to Fight Community! We’re back from our winter break, and we’re looking forward to starting the new year off with a new group of Fit to Fight participants. The Winter 2018 participants have just finished up pre-testing this week and are excited to begin this amazing program. With the baseline information gained from their pre-tests, our participants are eager to gain the foundational knowledge needed to reach their exercise and fitness goals over the next 8 weeks of this session. With these building blocks and support from the Fit to Fight team, they’ll be ready to continue this healthy lifestyle even after this session is over.
Stay tuned for more updates!