Our Program

FIT TO FIGHT is an exercise based cancer support program that runs three 8-week sessions per year. We meet twice per week during the sessions at PEAK Health and Wellness, 5000 Blue Mountain Road. The small organized group exercise sessions include individual tailoring. Each session consists of stretching, breathing & relaxation, resistive strengthening, and endurance training. Sessions are designed and supervised by a physical therapist.

A physical therapist directly oversees the program and is available to all participants for questions or advice. This program does not replace the important individual skilled physical therapist that many oncology patients may need initially.

Upcoming Fit To Fight Sessions

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Fit To Fight is taking a break to enjoy the wonderful Montana summer as well. Our upcoming sessions are listed below:
Fall Session 2017: September 5th – November 2nd
Winter Session 2018: January 7th – March 5th
Spring Session 2018: March 13 – May 7th
Please contact Alpine Physical Therapy/Fit To Fight at (406)251-2323 or email info@fittofightmt.org if you are interested in any of the above sessions.